The restoration of quiet (and how)

The title of this post refers to Bibi Netanyahu’s overarching goal regarding the current Gazan crisis. Yet he doesn’t seem to understand how he could achieve this  long-held conviction. If he were to make an effort to understand the grievances of the ordinary Gazan civilian, then maybe, just maybe, steps could be taken to avert the tragic loss of life that we have seen in past week or so.Only attempts to help the people of Gaza can help in ending the staccato nature of Israeli-Hamas warfare.


The underlying cause of moderate Palestinian angst within the Gaza strip relates to the parlous economic conditions of the area. Throughout the world, examples are rife of the young and disillusioned turning to violence due the lack of hope for the future. In Iraq, many have been radicalized by the US’s inability to provide stable social foundations post-Saddam. With little hope of employment or economic betterment, radical groups suchas ISIS have become a haven for the disillusioned youth.


The construction of a hypotheses with reference to Gaza and Hamas follows along similar lines. Why is it that Hamas is the democratically elected government of the Gaza strip? A suitable answer would dictate that the people of Gaza had little choice but to vote for the party most likely to rail against Palestinian oppresors. Turning to a terrorist organization should have been seen as a cry for help across the world. With interrupted water supplies, a lack of schooling and basic medical equipment, there was no light at the end of the tunnel for the Gazan people. Yet, still the world does little.


That brings me to the crux of this post. Firstly, time is of the essence in preserving the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians. A ceasefire must be constructed and fast. But, Netanyahu should not and cannot succeed by militarily destroying Hamas. Pummeling the strip will only produce the circumstances conducive to more terrorism, and only bring temporary quiet to the Gazanborder. Both Netanyahu and the wider world need to look to social and economic fixes. Helping the people of Gaza may just prevent the further radicalization of a desperate people. The US needs to provide significant economic aid to the strip, as well as leaning heavily on Netanyahu.