Queen's Speech delayed, as Tories 'prune' manifesto

The Queen's Speech is set to be delayed until next Monday. It is believed that the Conservatives are having trouble putting together the speech, especially while talks with the DUP are yet to be concluded. 

The Queen's Speech is a speech given by the Queen setting out a government's legislative programme, and if it is voted down in parliament is it tantamount to a vote of no confidence. If that were to happen, May's government would fall. 

Brexit secretary David Davis said that some parts of the manifesto would have to be 'pruned' after the Conservatives failed to win a majority in Thursday. It is understood that the government is not only under pressure from the DUP to the right who want a socially conservative programme, but also from the Scottish Conservatives ran by Ruth Davidson who want a socially liberal one. If either of these two groups abandon May in the Queen's speech, her government falls.