CPGP Backing Corbyn's Labour

The Labour leader gave a speech at the Scottish TUC earlier today. In it, he boasted his left-wing credentials and commitment to repealing the Trade Unions Act. Almost as soon as he finished, he got a bit of good news.

The Communist party of Great Britain has stood candidates in every general election since 1920. Over that time, the CPGB has had varying success and a plethora of aggressive and similarly named challengers (the CPGB-ML, for example). The party has now announced that it will not stand any candidates in this election, and is instead endorsing Corbyn’s Labour.

 In a statement its general secretary Robert Griffiths said:

In every general election since the formation of the CP in 1920, we have stood our own candidates, not least in 2015 when we fielded nine. Now, on this occasion, we will not contest any seats, although this does not signal any withdrawal from the electoral arena in the future.

We call for a Labour vote in every constituency across Britain, despite the reactionary views of numerous Labour party candidates. Communist party organisations will approach local Labour party bodies in their area with offers of practical campaigning assistance ...

The maximum possible Labour vote is necessary not only to secure the election of a Labour government. We also recognise that this election marks a further intensification of the left-right struggle within the labour movement and the Labour party. The higher the Labour vote and the number of Labour MPs elected, the more secure will be the position of Jeremy Corbyn and his left allies in the parliamentary Labour party.

Any reverses for Labour will be used as a pretext by the right-wing pro-EU, pro-NATO faction in the parliamentary Labour party and its trade union allies to launch yet another bid to remove Jeremy Corbyn and take the Labour party back to the neoliberal and pro-war policies of the past.

This might be historic stuff, but there is little prospect of this helping Labour to close the 25 point gap to the Tories any time soon. The party received just 275 votes across the whole of the UK in the 2015 election, spectacularly failing to win any deposits back.