Saddam Hussein's general tries to prosecute Blair. Media forgets to mention Hussein connection

Abdul-Wahid Shannan ar-Ribat’s attempts at a private prosecution against Tony Blair Lord Goldsmith and Jack Straw over the 2003 invasion of Iraq is in the news again. This is after the Attorney General looked to block the case.

This case is based on something the Chilcot report didn’t say, and was thrown out of court last year. The case is built on the idea that the report indicated that the fact Iraq didn’t have the WMD capabilities thought before the invasion amounted to a war crime. The report very specifically did not delve into the legality of the war.

Abdul-Wahid Shannan ar-Ribat is the former chief of staff of the Iraqi army, as is noted on several reports. These reports do not note when he was the chief of staff of the Iraqi army. He was chief of staff of Suddam Hussein’s army until 1993, and was responsible for at least two major chemical weapons attacks.

Now living in exile in the United Arab Emirates, and suspected of backing rebels by the current Iraqi government, Abdul-Wahid Shannan ar-Ribat is a real war criminal who has escaped justice. He launched a private prosecution that was thrown out of court against someone that wasn’t, who accused the Iraqi government of the time of being able to launch the kind of attacks Abdul-Wahid had launched against civilians.

The BBC’s article (as if 1pm) calls Wahid:

the Iraqi army's former chief of staff.

The Guardian’s article (as of 1pm) calls Wahid:

 former chief of staff of the Iraqi army and now living in exile

Neither article makes reference to when he was chief of staff of the Iraqi army, that he had been chief of staff of the army under Hussein, that he was in charge of the army while they committed chemical weapons attacks against civilians, or why he currently lives in exile.