Labour Leave Funded by Tories, Libertarians and Big Business, not Trade Unions, Left Wingers and Socialist Societies


The electoral commission records all donations over £7,500. These records show Labour Leave received £15,000 from Tory-dominated (although cross party) Vote Leave in February. They also received £50,000 from Jeremy Hosking, a notable Tory donor whose recorded contributions to the Conservatives exceed half a million pounds. 

Labour Leave received £100,000 from Richard Smith whose London properties house right wing libertarian groups like the Taxpayers Alliance, and is understood to be very close to the Conservative party. He is a noted activist on the Tory right.

Labour Leave claims to be funded by unions, left wingers, and socialist societies, relying on the left wing message. They even give you this card if you donate

Will Labour Leave's dishonesty damage their left wing credentials, or is funding really irrelevant?