Which Prime Minister are you? Quiz

There have been 55 Prime Ministers since the office was first created under Walpole almost 300 years ago. Some have been well regarded and well remembered by history. Some of them have a place in infamy. Others are almost forgotten today.

We have scientifically* created this quiz to determine which Prime Minister best fits your views, background, and tastes.

Some former Prime Ministers, like Churchill or Attlee, will always be remembered for their vital work during and in the aftermath of the Second World War. Others like Lloyd George will be remembered as long as the Liberal reforms stay on the GCSE history syllabus. At least Lloyd George isn’t remembered for Earl Grey tea, though!

There are some whose name you may know, but whose accomplishments are largely forgotten about. Read Gladstone and Disraeli, amongst others.

We have included a brief summary on each Prime Minister at the end of this quiz. We will be publishing more detailed summaries of their accomplishments, failures, lives, and legacies on our magazine pages over the coming weeks, and would be happy to provide any more information to those who reach out to us on social media.

This follows on from a previous quiz we produced on Labour leaders – but this time we have Conservatives, Liberals, Whigs, and others as well. You’re spoilt for choice.

If you would like to embed this quiz onto your website, you can find the code at the bottom of the page. We do ask that you link back to and credit Great British Politics if you choose to share it in that way.

This is all loosely related to our constitution. We are currently publishing a series of education articles on the UK constitution, following on from this piece on constitutional sovereignty and this on how Europe has changed our constitution.

* Thoroughly researched, but not scientific.

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