Tim Martin tells Boris Johnson: if you think about re-opening negotiations with the EU 'you better wake up and apologise'
Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has given his views on Brexit and Boris to the Express this morning, highlighting his doubt that Johnson can deliver a ‘clean’ no deal Brexit and telling Johnson "If you think about [reopening negotiations with the EU] in a dream, you better wake up and apologise".

Tim Martin has been a prominent Brexit campaigner since the start of the referendum, and has progressively moved towards advocating a no-deal Brexit since the 2016 vote. He is often seen campaigning alongside the Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage, and embarked on a 100 stop ‘free trade’ tour – giving talks and question and answer sessions in Wetherspoons in leave-leaning areas to campaign on the issue (which arguably decended into chaos) – at the end of last year.

He told the Express: "My overall assessment of the situation is that the three main political parties have been in thrall to their Remainer factions", citing Theresa May and her advisors in the Conservative Party, Labour's Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry, and Vince Cable and Nick Clegg in the Liberal Democrats, as being Europhile figures that dominate their respective parties. He also claimed that the CBI, a British business organisation that represents 190,000 companies, was dominated by Europhiles. He continued that "The problem for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party therefore is that if Britain wants to leave the EU, what deals does he have with his own party to deliver that.

"Brexiteers genuinely have seen that the main political parties have not carried through on the promises made three years ago.

"They much prefer Boris to anyone else - but what does Boris have to give his party's orthodoxy, as outlined, to get their backing?

"Rory Stewart has already said he can't back a no deal Brexit, as has Oliver Letwin plus of course lots of Labour's front bench.

Martin went on to claim that "The majority of Brexiteers believe that no deal is a much better way to leave”, and said that the UK should leave by the new 31st of October deadline.

He went on to talk about Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, which he claimed ‘everyone hates’. The withdrawal agreement was defeated three times by the House of Commons, and included a backstop deal that would be triggered in the case of the UK not agreeing a comprehensive deal with the EU during the 2 year ‘implementation period’ provided by the agreement for negotiations.

Advocating for both scrapping the withdrawal agreement and refusing to negotiate a new agreement, he said "Don't go back and try to negotiate with Brussels yet again - I've been in business long enough to know you have to know when to walk away.

Boris Johnson is currently frontrunner to replace Theresa May as Conservative leader. He has told the ERG group of Conservative MPs that he will be willing to leave the EU with no deal on the 31st of October, and that he is willing to prorogue (suspend) parliament to achieve a no deal Brexit should there not be a deal agreed by then.