Boris & Nigel, what would it mean?


Boris has chosen his seat. As has Farage. Both look like future MPs, with The Mayor of London set to secure a safe seat, and Farage set to run in a constituency so likely to turn UKIP that the conservatives have brought out some of their UKIP relics (including their candidate- a former UKIP leader). What does this news mean? 

Firstly, Farage. He's probably odds on favorite to become UKIP's first MP (at his umpteenth attempt). There probably won't be any other UKIP MPs- it could be lonely at Westminster. But, for the first time, UKIP could become a real political party- simply him winning would cement the 'political earthquake' he talked about after the European elections.

What would this mean? Well not much- it should mean the three major parties start to turn against Europe. However, the three main parties have already preemptively moved away from Europe after UKIP's victory in May's elections. The Conservatives are already promising a referendum and renegotiation. Labour aren't really saying anything. And the Liberal Democrats are still pro-Europe, but their performance in May has shaken their resolve. 

Secondly. Johnson. He's been eyeing a return to Westminster as eagerly as Farage has, but his time away has landed him in a position that's hard to believe. Boris could well be the next Prime Minister. If he's elected without any issues, the pundits claim that he could seen as the natural successor to David Cameron. 
What would that mean? In simple terms, a swing to the right. This week, he's been talking about dramatically changing the moral basis of our legal system. He has previously talked about leaving Europe, about deregulating, and about reducing the 'interference' of human rights laws. 

However, if Simon Free is correct, Johnson's bubble could burst. As Gove steps slowly towards power, Johnson's 'lovable fool' persona could well fall apart (and the inevitable scandals probably won't help).

This is all big news, but built entirely on speculation. We don't even know if they'll be elected yet. Or technically if they'll even be selected as candidates. We certainly don't know for sure what will happen if they are elected.