David Ward, anti-Semitic former Lib Dem MP, Sacked as a Candidate by Party

David Ward, the former Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East, has been sacked as a General Election candidate, Tim Farron said earlier today.

Ward lost his seat in Bradford East in the 2015 election, and had been re-selected by his local party to stand. He first won the seat in 2010.

The former MP had sparked controversy in 2013 when he accused ‘the Jews’ of atrocities against Palestinians. He was suspended from the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Party from July until September 2013 for those remarks. He continued to question the existence of the state of Israel, and refused to apologise for his remarks in 2013.

Earlier in 2013, Ward had likened the treatment of Palestinians by ‘Jews’ to the Holocaust. When pressed as to what he meant on Sky News, Ward said that he was accusing the ‘Jews that did it’.

In 2014, he tweeted his support for Hamas rocket strikes on Israeli civilians. When questioned, he initially refused to apologise.

In the aftermath of the 2015 Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris, in which four French Jews were murdered by a terrorist at a kosher supermarket, Ward tweeted ‘Je suis Palestinian’, and remarked that the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister in Paris made him feel sick.

He was again in the news in 2016 after defending Labour MP Naz Shah, the MP for Bradford West, for posting anti-Semitic content on her social media. Naz Shah apologised, but the incident also led to Ken Livingstone’s repeated on-air Holocaust revisionism.

Later that year, he asserted that no Palestinian would kill a child shortly after the stabbing of a 13 year old Israeli boy by a Palestinian terrorist.

The party, and both Nick Clegg and Tim Farron, have denounced his rhetoric and statements over the years, including at a 2016 Commons Home Affairs Committee inquiry hearing on anti-Semitism. However, he has never been expelled from the party and was free to stand for election until Farron seemingly stepped in today.