Jeremy Corbyn and the end of Trade Unions

Margaret Thatcher once stated that one of her aims was to weaken or even end the trade union movement. She did almost have her way if it wasn’t for Tony Blair winning power in 1997, however at this point Unions were considerably weaker than they are today and perhaps some of the reforms Thatcher, Major and Blair undertook did strengthen them today. I say this as a proud trade union member because as we all know Trade Unions stand for every worker and not a minority and for that they are better placed being politically centre. Sadly however the labour leadership debate has thrown up a surprising front runner in Jeremy Corbyn and that has put paid to any hope of a sustainable trade union future.


This is because the MP for Islington North is nothing more than a firebrand socialist who is more outdated than Michael Foot, the architect of Labours darkest hour. In order to win the leadership election, he has brainwashed many labour members and trade union affiliates to believe that he is the only man to lead the party, creating a situation where any anti-Corbyn argument is silenced by shouts of “You’re a Tory” or something incoherent but mentioning Blair. There is evidence to suggest that he is trying to flood the electorate with Marxist’s to gain power. This is not only undemocratic but also damaging to the credibility of a party still reeling from May’s humiliation (The month not Theresa).


More directed to the Trade Union movement, Mr Corbyn may be saying things which if elected will empower unions but realistically the opposite will happen. Internally Unions play a small part in the workings of Labour albeit an important part. Corbyn’s assertion that we should direct policy around Union needs is fundamentally damaging because the Union’s do not stand up for every working person, however working with the Unions is much healthier as this allows the party to ensure their proposals can benefit the maximum amount of people. Also as being Leader and being the face of the party, it is often the job of the deputy to work with Unions and other ‘awkward’ groups as they often have the time and the necessary expertise to liaise with these groups and the party leadership, losing that relationship would further weaken the party.


Nationally, Corbyn will not win the 2020 election, by then Labour will most probably be wiped out, his shadow cabinet will be full of socialists who are either old, poor parliamentary performers or rebels. A front bench consisting of Corbyn, Skinner, Rotheram and Abbott wouldn’t win Staffordshire Universities Quiz night, let alone a general election. With this in mind another 5 years of Tory rule will probably wipe out the Unions giving Osbourne and co the free reins to deliver hell on every working person earning below £50 000 a year.


Although it might seem like you are following your moral code, a vote for Corbyn lets the Tories win in 2020 and no well-meaning Labour voter wants that.