Why Labour needs to grow up

In 2009 I was 15 and never had a girlfriend, my only real love was Graham Dorrans and the closest I got to any sort of exhilaration was seeing him score goals for fun against the likes of Scunthorpe and Bristol City.  I was also, to my dismay, a socialist- a raging one at that- who used to talk freely about nationalisation, getting rid of the monarchy and saying nasty things about Tories. But from 6 years being exposed to University, the world of work, women and Jeremy Corbyn, I’d like to think in some ways I may have mellowed out.

I voted Labour in 2015, I campaigned for Labour in 2015, I spent long days covering miles for the Labour Party expectimg no reward other than getting a Labour majority in 2015. That didn’t happen, we all knew deep down we were going to lose, the message was wrong and frankly our leader couldn’t eat a bacon butty, there were a plethora of other reasons why we didn’t win but not one which certainly wasn’t the case was that Labour weren’t left enough. That is a fallacy spread by those greasy sorts who offend people on twitter with the pseudonyms @Smeggypants or @TheMockneyRebel. The sorts who are labour members (or supporters) but have no idea about labour values, they just spout rubbish using buzzwords or quoting the esteemed Owen Jones or ‘Dr’ Eoin Clarke.

These £3 entryists, Lefty Labour Loon’s, or Tory Saboteurs managed to get Citizen Jez elected, with this has bought appearances in PMQ’s where he basically stands there and reads out email’s with so little conviction that he makes Ed Miliband look like Blair, we have had strikes from junior doctors which everyone supports (very rare for a strike to get such support) and he can’t use it to his advantage, he splits a party so deeply the Tories could stick Grant Schapps in and still get a 150 majority and he supports more terrorist organisations through stop the war than one could shake a stick at. If this wasn’t enough of a concern then this may worry you even more.

The Labour party is now ran by mercenaries, ones who feel it too bourgeoisie to wear a suit, led by a cartel of nasty opportunists who will put the working class to the Tory sword in exchange for an ideological orgasm. With this is a cultish support from childlike campaigners, TUSC entryists or actual children who, like 15 year old me, have no real grasp on life or politics but are just saying what the latest fashionable trot does. The children in most part will grow up, but the Labour party won’t and as this carries on, I am confident that we will have another 20 years of Tory rule. 

I left the Labour party soon after Corbyn’s victory and I will never vote for Labour again until these parasites have stopped sucking the blood out of this once great movement for the sake of fulfilling their small, meaningless fetishes.