The Labour Party Deputy Leadership- It’s an E17 thing.

Walthamstow London, what is there to say about? Well 1990’s pop sensation East 17 originated from there, so did Adam Woodyatt, you know Ian Beale off Eastenders. It has also had its fair share of politicians represent it; a certain Clement Attlee was the MP for a while and, although it is great to reminisce about the glorious past the Labour Party has had, it’s the current incumbent who is making all the headlines (and good ones at that!)



Stella Judith Creasy, who got her middle name from her mum’s best mate, is the current MP for Walthamstow, but she goes further than being just a bog standard MP. Her engagement on Twitter and Periscope is something to be admired, I didn’t even need to be at the Walthamstow Arts trail to know exactly what was happening such was her social media presence. There is something about Ms Creasy which you can’t help but like, a sort of bright and energetic force in what can often be seen as a dark and dreary world of politics.


The general election defeat for Labour was a bad one and lessons need to be learnt, almost everyone I know who campaigned knew that what we were doing wasn’t working and there are a lot of reasons for that. Stella also acknowledged that and that is why she decided to run for Deputy Leadership of the party. Her belief that the Labour party is seen as a machine that only clicks in to gear in election periods is true, I felt the same from residents on rainy doorsteps in Cannock Chase. We should have won in Cannock but the Labour party didn’t engage in the right way there, this is the same all over the country and she is making a positive case to change it.


In addition to her honesty and principled stand on this issue she has invited members to share their views. This engagement with all facets of the Labour party is exactly the message we need to send out, we are the party of everyone and it is only when everyone is listened to that we can move forward as a party. Another key note she has made is that pursuing profits isn’t evil, this message was lost from the period 2009-2015 in the Labour party where, rightly or wrongly, there is a tag that we are anti-business. Creasy acknowledges this which further shows how engaged she is with the current battles of the party.


An active campaigner Creasy has successfully fought off loan sharks, Twitter trolls and dodgy landlords, 3 of the biggest evils in today’s society- something again which makes her seem impressive compared to the ‘more of the same’ candidates also on the ballot. I’m backing Stella Creasy in this contest because I believe that she is the only candidate who can foster change and turn us back into the positive campaigning force which served us so well from 1997 to 2005. Her taste in music isn’t bad either!