Why we need PR


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You may say it is a campaign I am running.


I love numbers and yes they can be interpreted in any way you wish. The rules of the election were set out before we held it, thus you can't argue the result now. But you can change things for the future. Currently one party secured over 95% of the available seats with 50% of the vote for that country, namely SNP in Scotland.


Now politics doesn't bother me (I am only in it for the numbers). It was equally unfair under Labour with them getting higher seats to vote ratio.

The Conservatives have now got over 50% of the seats thus 100% of the control of the country with less than 25% of the electorate voting for them (or 36.9% of votes cast).

It highlights a problem, and I wish to put forward at least some of the numbers to potentially help get a solution.

UK General Election Result 2015 done with D'Hondt

The link above shows the difference between the actual UK result and how it would have looked like under D'Hondts method. Now it is not perfect.

But what I want to do, is to get away from people voting for one party because they can't vote for the one they wanted to, because they were worried another would get in, so voted for the one they thought would win to keep the ones they don't like, out!

Then in safe seats you have the why bother because my vote will be drowned out by everyone else. Who is to say people just vote for who they think will win, and it is just a herd effect. If every vote counted would it change Politics?

If Parties and politicians needed as many votes as possible to win, would they have to engage more with us to win our vote for them?

I don't know, but it seems fairer to me and that is why I have this page and will add to it as this blog progresses.


Why we need PR now. <<< Link to some stats about the General Election 2015