How much do you know about the Labour Party's history? Quiz

The Labour party was founded in 1900. Over that time, the party has changed a lot and grown from a fringe movement to one of the two dominant political parties in British politics. 

With such a long and complicated history, a lot of people think that they know all there is to know about the party today. So we created this in depth quiz to determine just how much you actually know about the Labour party's history. 

Labour was founded at a time of immense social change in the UK, and grew after immense constitutional change expanded voting rights. During its history, the political and economic landscape of the UK, Europe and world at large have changed almost beyond recognition. In this context, there are facts that may surprise a modern onlooker. 

We have included a brief explanation after every question in this quiz, which should help you understand anything you think is surprising. We are planning to publish more detailed explanations of the context and personalities that led to some of the most surprising pieces of Labour trivia. We are also happy to provide any more information to those who reach out to us on social media.

This follows on from out last quiz, which Prime Minister are you? But unlike that quiz, this time you're rewarded for how much trivia you know. You can find our last quiz here. 

If you would like to embed this quiz onto your website, you can find the code at the bottom of the page. We do ask that you link back to and credit Great British Politics if you choose to share it in that way.

If you enjoy this quiz, we have published several articles on Labour and its history that may be of interest. These include the following piece assessing Keir Starmer's leadership so far, this piece on Labour's call for targeted business support as furlough winds down, and Labour's apology to Panorama journalist John Ware. 


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