The Labour Party decided that the best way to connect with the electorate was to parody a film from the 1950's. Where it is well done and is surprisingly enjoyable for a Party Political Broadcast, it manages to say nothing about Labour's policies. It also doesn't feature Miliband, perhaps quite cleverly.



The Lib Dems have gone all modern. Hashtags and all. A convincing but seriously overly-dramatic offering from Nick Clegg.



A spin-filled offering from the Conservatives. Convincing ideas, but few facts. It poses one big question: what kind of 'real change in Europe' do the Conservatives think they can achieve?



This is UKIP's contribution. A typically cringe-worthy barrage of half-truths and simplifications, staring a racist and a small business owner who employs illegal immigrants.



The Green Party seem a little desperate to secure the protest vote and desperate to attack everyone else. They are right though, The Green Party are part of the most coherent and probably the most effective bloc in the EU and actually can bring about real change.



This is the 'banned' broadcast that was supposed to go out. The BNP claim that they were censored by Ofcom. In reality, they asked the BBC for advice, who said they could air it but they might get sued. The BNP then promptly chickened out and decided to claim it was an example of the establishment supressing their voice. Where arguably the success of the BNP in 2009 can be attributed to their simplification- removing the conspiracy theorist and anti-Semitic rhetoric and trying appear non-racist - the rise of UKIP and the EDL has seen their support plummet. They have reverted to form, now supporting full scale Nazi style fascism.


This is not a Party Political Broadcast, but is chilling. The views expressed in this video come straight from Mein Kampf.



If you live in Scotland or in Wales you can choose to vote for this lot. They call themselves a 'street defense organisation' and have taken up 'invading' mosques and harassing Lord Mayors and their children. They are an offshoot of the BNP, yet many haven't realised how racist they are.


If you're English, you have the option of voting for the English Democrats. They believe in a devolved English assembly, or so they say. They became a haven for BNP members either purged by the party or angry with electoral strategies after the 2010 elections. A nasty party of thinly veiled racists, their Party Political Broadcast is rather cheesy.



If only it were 1994. Your choices for a protest vote would have included these lovely and only-a-tiny-bit-extremely-deluded people. Alas, times have changed.