UKIP get into bed with Neo-Nazis

Nigel Farage was forced to promise that he would not work with any far-right parties before the European Election in May. Where he has not joined forces with Marine Le Pen's Front National or the Greek Golden Dawn, his new Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group contains some questionable people and parties. 


The grouping includes the Sweden Democrats, an originally white supremacist party whose early members were often former SS members and whose early meetings included the occasional member in Nazi uniform. 


It also includes former members of Le Pen's Front National. 


UKIP have defended their position by claiming that they have all had to sign declarations stating they are no longer on the far right. However, this is the same screening tactic UKIP used in their selection process for local council candidates earlier in the year. Simply asking if they had been in the BNP didn't work out too well for UKIP. 


Wilders and Le Pen still believe they can work with UKIP.