Macron Leads First Round in French Election, Le Pen Also into Second Round
CandidateParty1st round
Votes %
  Emmanuel Macron En Marche!   8,656,346 24.01%
  Marine Le Pen National Front   7,678,491 21.30%
  François Fillon The Republicans   7,212,995 20.01%
  Jean-Luc Mélenchon La France insoumise   7,059,951 19.58%
  Benoît Hamon Socialist Party   2,291,288 6.36%
  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan Debout la France   1,695,000 4.70%
  Jean Lassalle Résistons ! 435,301 1.21%
  Philippe Poutou New Anticapitalist Party   394,505 1.09%
  François Asselineau Popular Republican Union   332,547 0.92%
  Nathalie Arthaud Lutte Ouvrière   232,384 0.64%
  Jacques Cheminade Solidarity and Progress   65,586 0.18%


Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will advance to the second round. 

Mr Macron served as economy minister under current President Francois Hollande. Despite being an independent, polls see him defeating Ms Le Pen in the second round. If he wins, he will be the first independent President of the Fifth Republic, and the youngest French President ever. 

François Fillon, the centre right candidate and Benoit Hamon, centre-left Socialist Party candidate have already endorsed Macron in the second round as part of their concession speeches. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the far left candidate, has told his supporters to make up their own minds. 

Turnout nationally was to the first round of the last election in 2012. 

The Socialists have recieved roughly 6% of the vote, with many comentators declaring President Hollande's party electoral history. Fillon recieved 20% of the vote and Mélenchon recieved 19.5% of the vote, Mélenchon's much reported on post debate polling boost leaving him in in fourth allbeit within half a percentage point of third. .