Both sides are wrong: Society is better across Europe because of the EU

Like many others, I'm fed up with both campaigns on either side of the EU Referendum question. I'm whole heartedly behind Britain staying in the EU but for basically none of the reasons being discussed in the media or the public at large. 

We're forever hearing statistics batted around by both sides about the economy and about immigration but, controversially, these things are irrelevant. Both sides are telling us to decide whether Britain is stronger in or out of the EU.

Fundamentally, the EU is a partnership organisation of countries where all countries sign up to adhering to a certain set of principles and standards. In fact, you can't join the EU until your country can demonstrate this. At a basic level, those standards are in three areas:

Politics. You have to sign up to democracy. You have to govern your country in a democratic way and be willing and able to engage in the democratic processes of the EU.

Economics. You have to sign up to free market capitalism.

Society. You have to sign up to the idea that individuals have rights and that those rights should be protected.

Therefore, what we should be asking is:

Is human society across Europe better if everyone has to play by the same rules?

Put simply, I think the answer to this question is 'yes' and that is why I am voting Remain.